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Huanke Splicing Type Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallet is the most obscure, but ubiquitous equipment in logistics industry. It is the main tool to transfer static goods into dynamic goods. Plastic pallet is widely used in the logistics and transportation industry and has become an important tool for logistics industry.

Limited by the size of the plastic machinery and the cost, end users always design the transportation packages based on the current size of the plastic pallet, which have brought great restrictions to the various end users.

To solve the concerns, after 3 years of research and development, Huanke Plastic successfully create the world's only splicing type plastic pallet. Huanke pallet has many different sizes. There is a specification almost for every 2-5 cm.  Its size can also be adjusted and Pallet users can connect the small pallet to get any size of big pallet as per their requirement. Pallet size can be more than 3000 types. It overcomes the disadvantage of traditional pallet of single size and specification. It also greatly reduce the usage cost.

Huanke Splicing Type Pallet advantages:

1.       End users can change the damaged plastic unit for small damages. For traditional pallet, end users need to change the entire pallet.

2.       More than 3000 types of pallet size. End users can get their ideal size by connecting.

3.       Max. size can be more than 3*3m. End users can change the pallet to the ideal size as per their requirement.

4.       Max dynamic loading weight can be 3MT with static loading weight more than 20MT.

5.       We developed the protection edge for the pallet to solve the problem of easy damage. It can highly improve the anti-collision, anti-dropping performance and greatly reduce the cost of end users.

6.       Multiple use of pallet. End users can easily modify the pallet into trolley, flat pallet, and other instrument.

7.       It can be assembled into independent shelf and be used for unit logistics which will highly improve the logistics efficiency.