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2017 is expected to consume 2 billion 600 million U.S. plastic pallets

With the development of society, the rapid rise of plastic industry, plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets pallets in one fell swoop into the global use of the largest, insiders pointed out that the estimation of the next few years, the plastic pallet market share is expected to further expand its scope of application, it will further deepen.
It is reported that the United States now is 1 billion 100 million years plastic tray consumption only, the next few years, the use of plastic pallets will increase at a rate of 2.6%, estimated that in 2017 the country plastic pallet consumption will reach 2 billion 600 million, the plastic tray will replace the wooden tray into the new mall in just a few years, because of the tray has excellent impact resistance, chemical resistance and flame retardant.
In recent years, the transport needs of the scope of the plastic pallets increased year by year. According to the United States a local plastic tray manufacturers, compared with other materials, plastic tray quality is simple, in the process of transportation can reduce oil consumption, so as to save the cost of transportation products manufacturers.