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  • Huanke Splicing Type Plastic Pallet

    Huanke Splicing Type Plastic PalletPlastic pallet is the most obscure, but ubiquitous equipment in logistics industry. It is the main tool to transfer static goods into dynamic goods. Plastic pallet is widely used in the logistics and transportation industry and has become an important tool for logistics industry....MORE

  • Large Splicing Type Plastic Pallet

    Large Splicing Type Plastic PalletNowadays, improvement of logistics efficiency need great flexibility for pallet. Huanke Pallet break through the restrictions of the traditional plastic pallet, it take use of the splicing type. Largest dimension can be more than 3000 * 3000mm and for every 20mm that there is a size....MORE

  • Special Shaped Plastic Pallet

    Special Shaped Plastic PalletHuanke pallet break through the shape restrictions of the standard pallet. It can be personalized to meet the storage and transportation needs of the user for a particular shape. It can greatly reduce the usage cost....MORE

  • Standard Plastic Pallet

    Standard Plastic PalletHuanke Splicing Type Plastic Pallet are made of a number of pallet units. End users can change the damaged plastic unit for small damages. For traditional pallet, end users need to change the entire pallet. At the same time,...MORE

  • Chuan-shaped Single Face Plastic Pallet

    Chuan-shaped Single Face Plastic PalletChuan-shaped Single Face Plastic Pallet is in the shape of Chinese character CHUAN. This kind of pallet is greatly helpful for small size manual forklift. ...MORE

  • Storage Floor Pallet

    Storage Floor PalletHuanke splicing type plastic pallet can be jointed into storage floor pallet in warehouse. The pallet can be anti-damp and hygienic and it is widely used in food industry. ...MORE