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    2017 is expected to consume 2 billion 600 million U.S. plastic pallets

    With the development of society, the rapid rise of plastic industry, plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets pallets in one fell swoop into the global use of the largest, insiders pointed out that the estimation of the next few years, the plastic pallet market share is expected to further expand its scope of application, it will further deepen.

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    Plastic plate manufacturers with new tactics in the market

    With China's social and economic development, as the domestic plastic pallet industry has made outstanding contributions to economic development, a lot of plastic tray factory annual output reached 160 thousand tons, an increase of about 15%, enough to prove that China's plastics industry is developing rapidly.

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    Method for judging the strength of large plastic pallet manufacturers

    With the rapid development of the logistics industry, large plastic pallet demand is more and more intense, customer facing strong demand for large plastic tray, how should we choose a relatively strong strength in large plastic pallet manufacturers. Ji'nan branch of plastic through the online collection of information to collate.

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    Precautions for daily use of plastic products

    In recent years, plastic products quietly walked into our life, all kinds of containers and utensils are made of plastic, but when the use of these plastic products, if not more attention will cause some harm to the body, so when the use of plastic products should pay attention to what?