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Shandong Huanke Plastic Co., Ltd. is a modern plastic pallet production enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales. Huanke is conveniently located in Licheng Development Zone of the beautiful Spring City Jinan. It is near to Jinan International Airport, State Road 309 and Jinan-Qingdao Railway.

Precision manufacturing starts with advanced science and technology. Huanke is the executive member of China Logistics Association and unit logistics enterprises strategic alliance. Splicing type plastic pallet is Huanke patented product and it is independently developed by Huanke team. Huanke currently hold a number of domestic and international patents and it has passed the international PCT certification. As the originator of splicing type plastic pallet, Huanke Pallet fills in the blank market of world's large plastic pallet and non-conventional shaped plastic pallet and is leading the new direction for the plastic pallet industry development.

Huanke splicing type pallet can be repaired and replaced. It overcomes the disadvantage of traditional pallet that users need to discard the whole pallet even there is any small damage.

Huanke plastic pallet are widely used in cargo storage, loading and handling and they are favored by customers from the chemical industry, textile, electronics, paper, lumber, building materials, food, medicine, feed, machinery manufacturing and other areas.

Huanke has high-quality professional sales and service team and we are always focusing on the customer’s need. Our pallet enjoys great reputation in the industry with its excellent quality. It has been sold to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai, Liaoning and other places, and the sales area are extending from the domestic to the international market.